The Ketubah

The Ketubah is a wedding vow between the bride and groom in the presence of witnesses - an agreement promising to protect, to share and to provide for each other.
This document used to be elaborately decorated in the past by important artists of the time, the designs being influenced by the art of the country they lived in.

In our generation, Judaica artists renewed the art of decorated ketubah. and I am honored to be among them.

I derive my themes and quotations from the Bible and from Jewish tradition. My work is also deeply influenced by the landscape and the vegetation around the area where I live. This landscape, which carries in it the history and narratives of the past, deeply affects the process of my creation.

Every tree is a symbol connected with the rituals and narratives of Jewish life, and many of the flowers and their colors adorned the priestly garments and decorated the Temple, as described in the Bible.

Their colors and beauty inspired artists in the past, and still affect artists today. Thus when I walk in the hills of Jerusalem that surround my village, they influence my creations in every line I draw. The great artists of the past are my teachers and guardians, and they are behind my desire to take all those elements, thoughts and sights, and put them together to create a work of art.

I specialize in the art of paper cuts. They are natural to my personality - aspects of which are intensity, delicacy, love of colors and lot of patience. But above all my great love for beauty.

My artworks are printed by the Giclee' method, on 100% cotton paper, acid free.

There are two types of printed artworks:

Paper Cut designs. These are cut by laser and are all finished with 24k gold leaf, added by hand.

Print only. These do not come with gold leaf (though this is an option if requested)