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Doves, in the Jewish  narrative, are a symbol of  tiding, of humbleness, peace and loyalty. in the center of the Ketubah you will find a peaceful rose garden with two loving Doves behind the Jerusalem walls. under it the quotation from the Song of Songs 6 3  " i am my beloved's and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the Lilies ".

On the bottom center, three windows overlooking the unique architecture of Jerusalem depict views of the city and an olive tree in the center, a symbol of royalty and  richness of the land of Israel, one of the seven species. 

On the bottom, under two entwined rooted trees, the quote " I shall betroth you to me with faith, with grace, and with justice" , paraphrased from Hoshea.

Surrounding the delicate white lacy design, the whole book of Song of Songs is written in micrography by the masterful calligrapher, Izzy Plodwinsky. Embracing the text are a group of flying doves.  

On four corners of the Ketubah, inlaid with 24Karat gold leaf, are David's harps .

Framing the whole design in blue colors is the strong Jewish symbol of the Star of David, the pattern being inspired by the walls of an old Spanish Synagogue, one of the rare Synagogues that survived the war. 

Love, music, loyalty and tradition are the themes of this Ketubah.  

Size:20X20 In

Hand Gilded.

100% Cotton Paper Acid Free - Digigraphie standarts.

All Ketubahs are finished with 24 Karat gold leaf applied by hand.

All Prints Ketubahs have gold only on the words "I'm my beloved.."

Fine art print - archival museum quality.

Laser cut print.

Orthodox - $140

Conservative - $140

Reform - $140

Interfaith - $140

Custom Text - $240

*Text without information costs the same.

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Changes for each design is possible - Design, Size and Text. By request with extra cost.

Rush order is available with extra cost

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