The Jewish Wedding

The Jewish wedding is an ancient ceremony that dates back thousands of years.  It incorporates many distinct elements- biblical, historical, mystical, cultural and legal – which unify a couple in the bonds of marriage.  At its core the Jewish wedding ceremony includes a marriage contract known as a ketubah.  The ketubah is written in Aramaic and is singed by two witnesses.  The ketubah is a legally binding contract which enumerates the husband’s obligations to his wife during the marriage and also after it (in situations of divorce or the husband’s death).   The wedding ceremony itself takes place under the open sky as the couple stand under a...

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Paper cut ketubah

Jewish paper cutting is an ancient form of decoration that uses delicately cut Jewish symbols, ornaments and Hebrew letters. The paper cut layer is often glued on a contrasting piece of paper in order to highlight the work and throw a shadow on it.  More contemporary works, especially paper cut ketubahs, leave the cut-out section bare. In centuries past, this form of Jewish art was very popular, and traces of it have been found in Jewish communities throughout the world- from Eastern Europe to Iraq.  The first mention of Jewish paper cutting is attributed to Rabbi Shem Tov ben Isaac...

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