What is a Jewish Chuppah?

The Jewish Chuppah is probably the most widely-known distinctive features of the jewish wedding. For many, that is the only traditional element that is featured at their Jewish wedding, attesting to the beautiful symbolism of this tradition that couples from all backgrounds can appreciate.


In fact, a simple search on the Jewish Chuppah will show you style tips from designer websites like Martha Stewart, as well as informational on the religious significance of the Jewish Chuppah with regard to traditional Jewish law.


What is a Jewish Chuppah?


The Jewish Chuppah is the bridal canopy. It’s that space where, in front of dozens or even hundreds of people, Jewish couples share those first intimate moments as a married couple in a cozy, safe-haven.


One of the main symbols of the Jewish Chuppah is just that: the beautiful home that they are committing to build together. Home is a place where everyone can feel secure, and can invite others inside to share their abundance.


This might be the last main step of the traditional elements of the Jewish wedding, but the Jewish Chuppah, and the rituals that take place beneath it, signify something that lasts throughout a couple’s entire life together.


What can a Jewish Chuppah be made out of?


Even in more traditional circles, the Jewish Chuppah comes in so many shapes and sizes: from large tallitot (fringed garments) to elegant white cloths. The Jewish Chuppah can stand on its own, or can be suspended between four poles to be held up by close friends or family members. Many couples also choose to create Chuppahs entirely out of flowers and greenery, to create a stunning paradise-like space.


One of the main events that occur under the Jewish Chuppah is the presentation of the Ketubah, or the Jewish marriage contract.


Amalya Nini is a prize winning Ketubah artist based in Israel who creates stunning designs, marrying the layered paper cut look with intricate paintings and gold- and silver-leafing. Amalya also provides a wide variety of text options, so that couples can choose a text or text translation that speaks the most to them.


The Jewish Chuppah might be the climax of the Jewish wedding, but it houses events that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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