The Best Trends in Chuppah Ideas This Year

The Chuppah is that magical place where a Jewish marriage becomes official. It’s the wedding canopy where you commit to your new lives together as a couple, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. And there’s no shortage of Chuppah ideas to choose from that show off your personal sense of style.


Chuppah Ideas that Inspire


The Chuppah is your chance to really tie everything together—from the decor of your wedding, to the religious or cultural style that you envision your Jewish wedding, and your future home, to have. And when it comes to Jewish Law, it doesn’t take much to make a Chuppah “kosher.” All you need is a frame with four poles and some sort of covering on top. So when it to Chuppah ideas, the sky is the limit!


The Best Trends in Chuppah Ideas This Year


So whether you are getting ready to dive into a search on Chuppah ideas on Pinterest, or you’re leaving it up to your wedding planner to pass you a few of the latest Chuppah ideas, here are some trends for 2018 that you might want to consider.


Framing Your Chuppah


Let’s start with frames: do you envision standalone poles, or having them supported by your closest friends and family members?


A design with standalone poles give you an intimate space as a couple. It also gives you more space to carry out your favorite Chuppah ideas—such as floral designs, from simple and uniform looks, to more complex styles like the ombre effect, that reach all the way to the floor. This is favored in more grandiose or elegant weddings, and provides a more stable design that allows for heavier floural arrangements, or hanging glass orbs or light fixtures—which a whole other category of stunning Chuppah ideas!  


On the other hand, Chuppah ideas that incorporate, say, bare gold-colored or birch tree poles held by others gives you the chance to get more of your friends and family involved with your Big Day. This is generally popular in smaller weddings, with a more rustic feel.


Topping It Off


And the latest Chuppah ideas for the top of the canopy are just as varied in style. While many couples stick to a large Tallit (prayer shawl), that’s often a family heirloom, or a plain white cloth, there is no end for Chuppah ideas for the roof of the wedding canopy. From thick branches and wild floral arrangements, to colorful tulle or a handpainted masterpiece.


Don’t forget that you can bring your favorite chuppah ideas into what happens under the Chuppah, as well.


The Ketubah, or Jewish marriage contract, is yet another opportunity for you to emphasize your sense of religious and physical style. Amalya Nini is a classically-trained Ketubah artist who uses the inspiration from her pastoral surroundings to create Ketubahs that are stunning works of art. She also provides texts in a wide variety of options, and gives many customization options so that she can provide something suitable for virtually every Jewish couple out there.


Getting married is an exciting first step in your new life together. Hopefully these Chuppah ideas will give you the inspiration to make it the most beautiful form of expression for your new life together.

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