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   "O come in peace the crown of her husband, in joy and in exultation, come my bride, come my bride" is a quotation from the Shabbat prayers. Surrounding the design is chapter 4 from the beautiful literature of the Song of Songs, praising the beauty of the woman.  So too are the symbols in the lower part of the Ketuba.:  "your neck as the tower of David", "your hair is like a flock of sheep coming down the mountains". The Barrier and the gate symbolize untouched purity. 

size - 22 X 17 inches

Hand Gilded.

100% Cotton Paper Acid Free - Digigraphie standarts.

All Ketubahs are finished with 24 Karat gold leaf applied by hand.

All Prints Ketubahs have gold only on the words "I'm my beloved.."

Fine art print - archival museum quality.

Laser cut print.

Orthodox - $140

Conservative - $140

Reform - $140

Interfaith - $140

Custom Text - $240

*Text without information costs the same.

For available Ketubah Texts Click Here

Changes for each design is possible - Design, Size and Text. By request with extra cost.

Rush order is available with extra cost

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