Amalya nini

Love Birds

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'With good Omen'  Like celestial blessing,  are the words above the text . " i am my beloved; My beloved is mine" Song of Songs. 6' 3. on both sides of the text.  words that shows a vow of love and devotion to one another. 
" the voice of joy and the voice of happiness, the voice of the groom, and the voice of bride... "  to find where it is from
surrounding the text and quotations is a white lacy bloom of the Almond tree, nestling among the flowers are a couple of singing birds. 
the Mandolins are the music and exaltation for the glorious of nature and beauty that adorning the land of Israel like dancing brides in their wedding.

Size:22X24 In

Hand Gilded.

100% Cotton Paper Acid Free - Digigraphie standarts.

All Ketubahs are finished with 24 Karat gold leaf applied by hand.

All Prints Ketubahs have gold only on the words "I'm my beloved.."

Fine art print - archival museum quality.

Laser cut print.

Orthodox - $140

Conservative - $140

Reform - $140

Interfaith - $140

Custom Text - $240

*Text without information costs the same.

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Changes for each design is possible - Design, Size and Text. By request with extra cost.

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