The Judaica store

It’s your local source for all things related to religious Jewish life.


From dreidels and Bar Mitzvah cards, to Tallitot and Menorahs, the Judaica store serves and extremely important function for every Jewish community.


And today, shopping in a Judaica store has gotten that much more sophisticated. Thanks to the world of online shopping, though, you can now access broader selections of Judaica and more authentic, quality works straight from Judaica artists, themselves.


Important life events and holidays are often celebrated by a trip to the local Judaica Store. This is especially so before a wedding, when there are so many small details to cover. When you’re in the throes of planning your Jewish wedding, a trip to the Judaica store is just as crucial as a meeting with your caterer or florist. In fact, you might consider inquiring about opening a wedding registry at a physical or online Judaica store.


What kind of things can you find in a Judaica store that are essential to a Jewish wedding, or for a new life together building a Jewish home?


Here are some of the most popular purchases to make, or things to add to your wedding registry, at your local Judaica store while planning for your wedding, and your lives together beyond that day:


Mezuzah Covers


This is what sets your front door apart as the entrance to a Jewish home. Mezuzah covers come in many different styles, shapes and sizes—from the Jerusalem stone covers shaped in the State of Israel, to metal, bejeweled cases. While some Judaica stores actually have the Mezuzah scrolls that are to be held by those covers, you’ll often have to find a traditional Jewish scribe to buy scrolls from directly, according to the sizes of your Mezuzah covers.


Kiddush Cups


These are the goblets used for sanctifying the Sabbath and holidays with wine or grape juice. This is generally used by the head of the family, so be sure to choose something that the groom will most enjoy, be it designs from handmade clay, smooth, solid silver, or anything in between.


Shabbat Candles


Just like the Kiddush cup, Shabbat candles are used at the start of every Sabbath and holiday. This responsibility generally goes to the woman of the household. It is actually a custom in some circles that the groom’s family purchase the candlesticks for the bride. This is often seen as a bonding experience between the bride and future mother in law as they spend the afternoon finding the right candlesticks that the bride will light for the rest of her life. Favored designs are made from crystal or silver, though handmade clay candlesticks are well-favored as well.


What many Jewish couples decide to do is actually coordinate the design of the Kiddush cups and Shabbat candles, for a more unified-look on the Shabbat table.


Of course, one crucial purchase when planning your Jewish wedding is the Ketubah, the Jewish wedding contract that’s presented to the bride under the Chuppah. This is one thing that you might want to look for beyond the local Judaica store.


Modern Ketubah artists like Amalya Nini feature their works of art online, and ship to most countries. Amalya is a formally trained fine artist who has put her wonderful talents to use in providing Jewish couples with breathtaking Ketubahs. This is a beautiful way to celebrate your union for your entire lifetime together.



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