Choosing the Right Ketubah Wording for Your Jewish Wedding

Choosing your Ketubah is a great time to reflect as a couple on the tone of Jewish life that you would like to set in your household. The Ketubah wording particularly reflects your ideals, and most Ketubah artist today provide a variety of texts appropriate for various levels of Jewish observance. As always, it’s important to check in with your Jewish wedding officiant before making any final decisions on your Ketubah wording.

The Classic Ketubah

Many couples today appreciate the classical Ketubah wording according to the Orthodox standards. This text was meted out by the Sages, and has remained virtually untouched throughout the generations. Many couples value this both from a religious standpoint, as well as the cultural importance of carrying on the legacy of the classic Jewish Ketubah.

The Conservative Ketubah Text

While this can vary between Ketubah artists, the main concept is to feature the classical text in Aramaic or translated into Hebrew, with English text underneath. World class Ketubah artist Amalya Nini, for example, features the original Aramaic with a touching text in English of her own underneath. Couples who prefer other languages are usually able to find a Ketubah artist who can accommodate. Most of the Conservative Ketubah texts allow space for the Bride to sign this important and binding document.

The Reform and Interfaith Ketubah Texts

This is where there are even more variations in Ketubah wording. These generally feature a text in Hebrew with a translation in the language the couple prefers. The general theme of the Ketubah wording of Reform text is about carrying on the Jewish tradition in your new life together as a married couple. Interfaith texts feature the same theme, though the indicated signatures may read “officiant” instead of “Rabbi,” and other similar changes.

Amalya Nini provides masterpiece Ketubahs with a variety of Ketubah wording. With every type of Ketubah wording she also provides the option of a squared or rounded text. The rounded text features the favored quote from the Song of Songs at the top, “I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine.” Nini also works with couples to come up with a customized text for a Jewish Ketubah that best reflects the values of the couples.

As you prepare for your Jewish wedding, find the right Ketubah wording that you as a couple can enjoy throughout your life together.

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