The Contemporary Ketubah - Continuing the Legacy

Ketubahs have been part of Jewish life since time immemorial. Back when the status of women in the rest of the world was negligible at best, the Jewish Ketubah made the statement that women have basic rights that men are obligated to fulfill.

The contemporary Ketubah carries on that legend. What’s more, couples are finding a new world of possibilities for how they can create a vessel for their marriage through what is first and foremost a legal document.

Choosing the Right Text for You

Far from an austere part of the Jewish wedding, the contemporary Ketubah is something that couples today can get excited about. The variety of texts available for the Ketubah has actually broadened to speak to a more diverse group of Jewish couples. The different texts allow couples to keep the practices of Jewish married life but in a way that is sensitive to modern values.

It actually makes sense that, as the Ketubah was avant garde to begin with, the contemporary Ketubah should be able to keep with and reflect the changes of more modern Jewish life.

Couples can choose from texts that range from classical Aramaic and Aramaic with Hebrew translations, to Hebrew and English texts, or whatever languages couples understand best. There is also the option of providing a space for the bride to sign the contemporary Ketubah, and even feature quotes from more romantic verses of the Bible like the Song of Songs. These text variations are often broken down according to denomination of Torah observance. There are Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Conservative and Reform variations of the Jewish Ketubah’s text.

Beautiful by Design

The contemporary Ketubah can not only express a couple’s commitment to each other, it can do so through breathtaking mediums.

Amalya Nini is an artist who creates breathtaking contemporary Ketubahs for the contemporary Jewish couple. With some of her works featured in Jewish Art galleries, Nini creates masterpieces specializing in the classic papercut method, incorporating rich colors and 24K gold leafing.

The biggest difficulty with the contemporary Ketubah today is that there so many beautiful designs to choose from. Thanks to artists like Amalya Nini, your Ketubah can be a timeless work of art, celebrating a lifetime of love and commitment.

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