Judaica Art

Like all culturally-inspired forms of art, Judaica Art holds a special place in the hearts and homes of those who identify themselves as being Jewish. There are just a few other cultural forms of art that has practical applications in the home as Judaica art can and often does. Not only that, but you no longer have to search through the artist colonies in Jerusalem or Tzfat ro get authentic Judaica art—though that’s probably the funnest way to buy Judaica art!


Thanks to the modern day comforts of online shopping, you can now get your favorite Judaica art, straight from Israel or wherever in the world the artist might be.


Now don’t get us wrong. Gorgeous canvas paintings do exist in Judaica art. But one of the characteristics that makes Judaica art so unique is that there is a whole genre of objects used for ritual purposes on a daily, weekly or yearly basis that helps make your life that much more beautiful.


Here are our favorite, top 3 pieces of Judaica Art that can actually serve a practical purpose in keeping religious ritual, too!


  1. The Mezuzah

Ah, the Mezuzah. The beautiful sign to the world that your’s is a door into a Jewish home. When it comes to Judaica art, Mezuzahs are actually one of the biggest a opportunities to show off your style to the world—be it a pop of colorful ceramic, or an intricately engraved case of metal, or even a stone in the shape of the Land of Israel. This particular type of Judaic art is so easy to buy online because it’s small in size, and usually pretty light, so you can get a gorgeous Mezuzah that suits your style from anywhere in the world.


  1. Shabbat Candlesticks

Shabbat Candlesticks are another highly practical piece of Judaica art that is used on a weekly basis. The type of Shabbat candlesticks you choose tell a lot about your sense of style, whether you light one, two or a whole candelabra-full of candles. Shabbat Candlesticks often have a special place in the home, so why not make sure to get a beautiful, art gallery-worthy set? Shabbat Candlesticks come in many different styles—from silver and brass, to ceramic and even wood (with metal inserts, of course!) these can still be fairly easily shipped from your favorite source for Judaica art.


  1. The Ketubah, Jewish Marriage Contract

This is, of course, our absolute favorite form of Judaica art. You only get married once, and what more wonderful way is there to celebrate your marriage every single day than to hang a stunning ketubah on your wall. In context of traditional Jewish law, signing a Ketubah at the wedding, and keeping it in your position for the entire length of your lives together is essential to keeping a marriage valid and binding.

Despite its strong roots in the legal world of Jewish law, the Ketubah has been a two-thousand year old form of Judaica art, expressing the Jewish soul with symbolic almond blossoms and pomegranates.


Today, Ketubah artists like Amalya Nini focus on this particular form of Judaica art, and provide breathtaking Ketubahs for Jewish couples all over the world. She utilizes the favored laser papercut method, and layers her artwork with pops of color and gold- and silver-leaf.


Want to give your loved ones the opportunity to get you the gift of a lifetime? Add your favorite Ketubah to your wedding registry, and begin your new lives together in a home that’s filled with Judaica art that’s as beautiful as it is meaningful.

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