Leading the Way with Wedding Signs

One of the funnest parts of preparing for your Jewish Wedding is figuring what wedding signs you’d like to feature in your wedding hall, outdoor space, or both!

Leading the Way with Wedding Signs

Wedding signs can be a great way to guide your guests in your own unique voice or sense of style. The outdoor wedding signs tell your guests that they’re in the right place (not an entirely irrational fear that every wedding attendee experiences), and stirs up excitement for the celebration ahead. These wedding signs can start from the main road exit, and can lead your guests through to the parking lot, then the front door of the hall.

Indoor Wedding Signs That Inform, Entertain, And Show Your Gratitude

Inside of the hall is where you can get more creative with your wedding signs. First of all, because attendees are no longer in transit, they have more time to actually read the wedding signs. Secondly, you can decide where you want to add a dash of your own personality throughout the physical space in the wedding hall or outdoor area.

Next to the main entrance of the wedding hall or outdoor space, there’s usually a small corner dedicated to the Kippah basket for male guests who’d like to cover their heads in honor of the Jewish wedding ceremony. This is generally next to the place cards, which provides a great opportunity for sharing something quirky, or thanking your guests for joining you on your special day.

Further wedding signs can direct guests to the Chuppah, the bar, dance hall, dining room, and restrooms. Inside the restrooms, many couples like to set up a basket filled of toiletries that guests can use to get refreshed, which usually features one of the wedding signs as well.

Preparing for your Jewish wedding, remember that it’s all about the tone that you would like to set for yourself and your guests. From formal and elegant, to humorous and casual—and anything in between—wedding signs are a great way to guide and communicate with your guests.

The Ultimate Jewish Wedding Sign

Of course, the ultimate Jewish wedding sign is the kind that you hang up in your home and cherish for years after the Big Day has come and gone: the Ketubah. Amalya Nini is a world-renowned Ketubah artist who uses vibrant colors and silver- and gold-leafing to turn her paper cut Ketubah designs into breathtaking works of art. Modern Jewish couples are able to find the designs and texts that speak to their sense of design, and their connection to tradition, and Amalya Nini is the leader in the Ketubah Art world for doing just that.

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