Ketubah Art_ A Classic Jewish Art Form

You may have heard the term “Ketubah art,” but what does that mean, really? How can a marriage contract based in traditional Jewish law (or Halacha) be art?


This comes as a welcome surprise to any couples planning their Jewish wedding: Ketubah art is actually a longstanding part of classical Jewish art. Not only can Jewish couples take part in a custom that has been part of the Jewish wedding for over two thousand years, but they can do so in a way that speaks to their own sense of style.


Just a quick glance on sites like Pinterest will show you the many different forms that Ketubah art can take. The main thing that all forms of Ketubah art have in common is that they’re generally created on quality parchment paper, and they all feature some form of the actual text of the marriage contract—be it the traditional, Aramaic, to personalized texts in a wide variety of languages.


Beyond that, the Ketubah is an open canvas for various expressions of joy and Jewish-related themes. Many forms of Ketubah art will feature scenes of Jerusalem or trees and fruit that commonly found in Israel, such as the pomegranate, the almond tree, date palms, olive trees, and so on. These actually bear symbolic meaning in scripture and classic Jewish literature, as well.


Ketubah art may also feature layered, textured designs with the use of thick paints, and the papercut method. The papercut method is actually a classic form of Ketubah art, and has been modernized by use of a laser, so that Ketubah artists can create even more intricate designs for a beautiful 3D effect.


Amalya Nini is a fine artist that creates breathtaking Ketubah art enjoyed by Jewish couples throughout the world. Many of her works are inspired by her quiet, scenic hometown in the hills just outside of Jerusalem. Her contributions to the world of Ketubah art have won her recognition from celebrities with Jewish roots. Just looking at her Ketubah art, it’s not hard to see why.


Planning for your Jewish wedding? Why not check out the finest Ketubah art out there, and feature a Ketubah at your wedding that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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