Here are 3 reasons why the Ketubah in English is featured at many Jewish weddings worldwide today

Let’s face it. Not many of us have our Aramaic up to scratch. It’s no wonder, then, that many Jewish couples today, even those planning more traditional weddings, are opting in for a Ketubah in English, or to have a translation featured alongside the original text. But just why is the Ketubah in English such a popular choice among Jewish couples today?


Here are 3 reasons why the Ketubah in English is featured at many Jewish weddings worldwide today:


  1. The more you understand it, the more meaningful it is.


As a rule, translations of Jewish scripture have gained so much in popularity because people actually want to know what it is that they are saying during prayer or signing when it comes to a ritual contract.


  1. Understanding the words of the Ketubah makes your Jewish Chuppah ceremony easier to follow along with.


When it comes to trying to keep up with all of the customs of the Jewish wedding, picking a Ketubah in English, or a Ketubah with an English translation, gives you at least one more thing that you can feel confident about. Even if you are not having the Ketubah in English read under your Chuppah, and are planning on having the original Aramaic or translated Hebrew read, you can look over the English translation before the actual ceremony to remind yourself what it is that you’re committing to.


  1. The Ketubah in English can be more versatile.


Or in any language that you might be native in, for that matter. If you’re planning on personalizing the text of your Ketubah, it’ll be much easier to work with the text in the language you understand best. If you’re a native English speaker, having your Ketubah in English opens up the possibilities for drafting a text that’s more inspiring to you as a couple. While this is not done in more traditional circles, this is a very popular option for many Jewish couples out there preparing for their wedding as we speak.


Good news is that most Ketubah artists, like award-winning Amalya Nini, are super flexible in their language choices and are more than happy to provide texts for your Ketubah in English, or incorporate a text your might already have. Amalya is based in a small rural town on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and uses the nature around her to inspire masterful Ketubot with text options that thousands of couples out there planning their Jewish weddings would appreciate.


So if you’ve been hesitant about selecting a Ketubah in a language you can’t understand, consider getting the Ketubah in english. You’re definitely going to be in good company, just ask Amalya!

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